LEXIC Translation Agency

A trusted Canadian business document translations partner with 20 years of experience, LEXIC provides expert business translations for a wide range of industry sectors.LEXIC is recognized for its premium translation services.

From product design to marketing and customer support, professional business document translation has become more important than ever to achieve organizational success for companies looking to develop business relationships with their market, in all activity sectors.

Managing all your language projects under one roof is critical for quality control.

A trusted Canadian business document translations partner with 20 years of experience, LEXIC provides expert business translations for a wide range of documents in several industry sectors, including:

• Corporate communications
• Financial documents
• Legal documents
• Contracts, policies, regulations and agreements
• White papers and articles
• Surveys, reports and case studies
• Human resource documents
• e-Learning & Training materials
• Employee communications
• Newsletters
• Articles: general, technical and scientific
• Sales and marketing materials
• Cybersecurity and Web sites
• Industry standards
• Product information
• Technical documents
• Instruction and operating manuals
• Customer communications
• Transportation logistics
• Glossaries and lexicons

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Check out our portfolio of services below!

Professional Translation and Localization

Professional Translation and LocalizationEach word counts as much for us as it does for you. Whether you are looking to explore or penetrate new markets in North America or your brand is already established in the spoken language, we fully understand the issue of quality translation to capture your target audiences. We continually strive to support your brand and maintain terminology consistency. We can guide you and offer you solutions adapted to your organizational needs and financial constraints.

Our Language Combinations:

  • French → English
  • English → French
  • Spanish → French
  • Spanish → English
  • French → Spanish
  • English → Spanish

Call us to know more about our many fields of expertise and business areas! We work with qualified translators, native speakers of the target language who are familiar with specific readerships.

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Writing and Copywriting

Writing and CopywritingWe take your brand to heart. We create your written documents with your needs and expectations in mind. We take your readerships into special consideration, as well as your current and prospective client base and publishing goals. Copyediting and reviewing is executed with respect for the authors and their work. In addition, we perform meticulous proofreading for your printing and other publishing needs.

Examples of writing or editing mandates we are entrusted with:

  • Create relevant website content
  • Create newsletter content
  • Create blog content
  • Develop corporate documents (mission statements, reports, etc.)
  • Translation editing
  • Content localization and adaptation
  • Linguistic revision
  • Proofreading

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Language services that work together!
LEXIC listens carefully to your individual needs. We are particularly sensitive to your requirements, delays and constraints. As language professionals with a strong IT slant, we examine and develop your documents, striving to address your specific issues and goals, measuring your progress with you along the way.

Our clients enjoy collaborating with LEXIC because we value each client individually and engage in enduring relationships, continuously nurturing brand awareness through consistent wording, terminology and phrasing.
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