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We are celexa mail order LEXIC Translation Agency (www.lexic.ca), a small, friendly Canadian agency based in Montreal that specializes in giving added value to all your language content, whether through creation, translation, website management, or search engine optimization (SEO).

One of the ways that we do that is by offering an extensive set of coordinated skills, enabling us to order amoxil produce, translate, revise, localize, optimize and manage your documents and web content so that they truly work for you, with your audiences and in major search engines.

What We Do

Comprised of language professionals and technical experts who are passionate about their area of expertise, we actively focus on your brand image and bottom line by skillfully crafting, translating and managing documents and marketing content for companies just like yours!

We build structured, strategic content designed to add value to your brand and measurably support your business goals. And we pride ourselves on our great customer service and friendly support.

At LEXIC Translation Agency, we see ourselves as word sowers. We till the land of words in search of the best ones that work for you, words we have caringly sowed in order for you to harvest the fruit.

Why We Do It

We believe in excellence – and we love to express it through our work. We love to share our knowledge and to help you share yours! Most of all, we love to help our customers make their companies shine!

Some of Our Clients:

Who is behind LEXIC ?

About Catherine Zekri

Catherine ZekriAs long as I can remember, I’ve had a passionate interest in the written language and the power of words.

While launching, and then publishing a climbing magazine in my mid-twenties as publishing director, I quickly realized how very small, meticulous changes to quality contributions could dramatically improve content readability and capture our readership. This was a meaningful and very formative experience on several levels. It also coincided with my engagement in a Translation undergraduate program where it became clear to me that words can be powerful when they are assembled with mastery. I was forever hooked!

My passion for translation, terminology and language in general led me to universities in Argentina and Austria, a Spanish-English-French Translation Master’s, and later to doctoral studies in the broader field of Communications.

After two decades of freelancing as a professional translator, managing communications and marketing projects and company departments, and advancing academic endeavors, I decided to found LEXIC Translation Agency in Montreal.

As an engaged professional translator and communications practitioner and academic, I’ve earned an excellent reputation for my reliability, high standards, and strong web marketing slant.

I master a panoply of formats and styles, from reports and board minutes to commercial packaging and scientific publications, blogs and other social media, as well as corporate documents, websites, and many more in a variety of sectors and industries.

Welcoming, honest and thorough, with a sense for strategy, I consistently take part in some of our customers’ business and marketing strategies, supported by brilliant partners and collaborators.

For us, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of bringing a product, a delicately crafted mission statement, a well-thought website, a translation, or even a simple, beautiful logo from inception through to its audience! The thrill of success never gets old!

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