Professional Translation and Localization translation1For us as for you, each word counts. The LEXIC team is comprised of certified translators (OTTIAQ) and qualified editors who understand your multilingual needs, in various fields and activity sectors.

Whether you are looking to explore or penetrate new markets in North America or your brand is already established in the spoken language, your business relies on quality translations to be able reach out to your target audiences and readerships. Language Combinations:

  • French → English
  • English → French
  • Spanish → French
  • Spanish → English
  • French → Spanish
  • English → Spanish

We are familiar with a number of fields and activity sectors. Please call us to know more or ask for a quote!

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A systematic strategy to corporate language and terminology planning or management is a sound investment. As your translation and localization resource, we store and manage your terminology on an ongoing basis as part of our translation process. This ensures that your content is consistent and high quality across all your documents, a key component to brand recognition. Systematic terminology is also the basis for all information, communication and knowledge related activities of any organization.

We understand this and will guide you through, offering you solutions that are adapted to your organizational needs.

LEXIC Translation Agency is a small communications agency based on the power of the written language as a primary resource to provide you with an array of language services to meet your organizational and publishing needs.

You can refer to us for your translation, editing, and terminology requirements for your documents as well as web or software content.

Our client base includes organizations of all sizes as well as website and software developers. Here is a list of translation, terminology, and editing needs we can assist you with:

  • Web content
  • Newsletter articles
  • Blog posts
  • Twitter posts
  • Corporate documents
  • Administration documents
  • Reports and surveys
  • Scientific articles
  • Marketing
  • Editing
  • Content optimization
  • Corporate language and terminology planning
  • Corporate language and terminology management
  • Corporate glossaries, lexicons and style guides

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