Web Content Optimization

webtextopt1 source url High organic ranking is more than ever a build-up It takes high quality content and consistent, ethical effort. Which is why we are called upon to optimize our clients’ web content. Facilitate discoverability of your products or services by people who are directly or indirectly interested in them!

follow url We offer a number of services to help you optimize your different contents:

  • Text, image, and video content optimization
  • Content management
  • Harmonizing multilingual sites
  • Relevant SEO copywriting
  • Blog content production and publishing
  • Newsletter content production and publishing
  • Updating website and blog content
  • Web page redirections
  • Usability and functionality advising

Keeping abreast of the frequent changes in algorithm by the major search engines, click here LEXIC strives to optimize your organic ranking based on smart relevant keyword placement, rich text content, and multiple SEO tools in search engines, as well as additional reliable measuring instruments. We provide you reports and advise you along the way.

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