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writing1We have your image at heart. We take your needs and writing and revision specifications into special consideration, as well as readership, actual and prospective client base, circulation, dissemination, and conversion goals. We revise your texts with respect for their authors and carry out proofreading intended for publishing requirements.

Our clients include organizations of all sizes and website developers.

Typical writing, copywriting, and revision requests we are called upon for include:

  • Relevant web content
  • Newsletter content
  • Blog content
  • Corporate documents (agreements, reports, policies, etc.)
  • Post-translation revision
  • Linguistic revision
  • Copyediting
  • Substantive editing (structure and functionality)
  • Proofreading

A number of documents today are intended for digital publishing alone or in addition to traditional formats. For discoverability purposes, they need to be optimized in order to generate powerful organic indexing in search engines. Our effective copywriting draws on the wealth of the lexicon (a language’s inventory of word forms) and reflects the importance we grant to meaning, terminology, and information usability.

Documents also play a critical role in establishing your reputation and propelling your brand image. This is the reason why we work closely with you and listen to your various needs and goals. With you, we analyze your values, business objectives and development projects you may wish to share. In a short time, we develop sensitive insight toward the signals sent by your organization and its brand image, enabling us to work adaptively when required.

We also offer high quality editing (unilingual) and comparative revision (multilingual). Attuned to linguistic nuances, editorial styles and visual presentation, our experienced certified translators provide flawless unilingual or multilingual documents and publications.

Our translators and editors are native in the target language and have demonstrated mastery of the source language.

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